Hyphenation for “faster”

Showing how to split the syllables of “faster”.

What is the correct hyphenation for “faster”? The purpose of hyphenation is to separate a word such as "faster" because otherwise it would be too long and would no longer fit on one line. This separation not only saves space it improves the visually flow of the text. This word separation exists in most languages. In English, the word separation of “faster” is based on the speech syllables. The separating syllable in linguistics is therefore the smallest group of sounds in the natural flow of speech. As a separator, the classic hyphen is usually used: „faster“ ⟶ „faster“.

Hyphens are occasionally used to denote syllabification, as in syl-la-bi-fi-ca-tion. Various British and North American dictionaries use an interpunct, sometimes called a "middle dot" or "hyphenation point", for this purpose, as in syl·la·bi·fi·ca·tion. This allows the hyphen to be reserved only for places where a hard hyphen is intended (for example, self-con·scious, un·self-con·scious, long-stand·ing). Similarly, hyphens may be used to indicate how a word is being or should be spelled. For example, W-O-R-D spells "word".

Definitions of "faster"

faster >> fɑːst

Definition: [adjective] moving or capable of moving at high speed.
Example: a fast and powerful car

Synonyms of "faster"

speedy | quick | swift | rapid | brisk | nimble | sprightly | lively | fast-moving | high-speed | turbo | sporty | accelerated | express | flying | whirlwind | blistering | breakneck | pell-mell | meteoric | smart | hasty | hurried | unhesitating | expeditious | fleet-footed | nippy | zippy | spanking | scorching | blinding | supersonic | cracking | fleet | tantivy | alacritous | volant |

Definition: [adjective] (of a clock or watch) showing a time ahead of the correct time.
Example: I keep my watch fifteen minutes fast

Synonyms of "faster"

Definition: [adjective] firmly fixed or attached.
Example: he made a rope fast to each corner

Synonyms of "faster"

secure | secured | fastened | tight | firmly fixed | stuck | jammed | immovable | unbudgeable | stiff | closed | shut | to | attach | fasten | fix | affix | join | connect | couple | link | tie | tie up | bind | fetter | strap | rope | tether | truss | lash | hitch | moor | anchor | yoke | chain |

Definition: [adjective] (of a film) needing only a short exposure.
Example: a 35-mm colour film which is ten times faster than Kodacolor II

Synonyms of "faster"

Definition: [adjective] (of a dye) not fading in light or when washed.
Example: the dyes are boiled with the yarn to produce a fast colour

Synonyms of "faster"

indelible | lasting | permanent | stable |

Definition: [adjective] engaging in or involving activities characterized by excitement, extranvagance, and risk-taking.
Example: the fast life she led in London

Synonyms of "faster"

wild | dissipated | dissolute | debauched | intemperate | immoderate | louche | rakish | decadent | unrestrained | reckless | profligate | self-indulgent | shameless | sinful | immoral | extravagant | swinging |

Definition: [adjective] (of a person) prone to act in an unacceptably familiar way.
Example: Mammy said, ‘Stop asking questions, you too damn farse.’

Synonyms of "faster"

Definition: [adverb] at high speed.
Example: he was driving too fast

Synonyms of "faster"

quickly | rapidly | swiftly | speedily | briskly | at speed | at full speed | at full tilt | energetically | hastily | with all haste | in haste | hurriedly | in a hurry | post-haste | pell-mell | without delay | expeditiously | with dispatch | like a shot | like a flash | in a flash | in the blink of an eye | in a wink | in a trice | in no time (at all) | on the double | at the speed of light | like an arrow from a bow | double quick | in double quick time | p.d.q. (pretty damn quick) | nippily | like (greased) lightning | at warp speed | hell for leather | like mad | like crazy | like the wind | like a bomb | like nobody's business | like a scalded cat | like the deuce | a mile a minute | like a bat out of hell | like the clappers | at a rate of knots | like billy-o | lickety-split | apace |

Definition: [adverb] so as to be hard to move; securely.
Example: the ship was held fast by the anchor chain

Synonyms of "faster"

securely | tightly | immovably | fixedly | firmly |

Definition: [adverb] so as to be hard to wake.
Example: they were too fast asleep to reply

Synonyms of "faster"

deeply | sound | completely |

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